Injector Offset & Multiplyer - What does it adjust?

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Injector Offset & Multiplyer - What does it adjust?

Postby JohnDee68 » Thu Nov 04, 2021 10:18 pm

Hi guys,
There are three tables and a Scalar which are labelled

1. Injector - Offset Vs Battery Voltage (msec units).
2. Injector - Low pulse width Offset Vs Base pulse width.(msec units).
3. Injector - Multiplier Vs RPM & Cylair.
4. Injector - Fuel Boundry Located this CAL after 3X REF. (Scalar).

I was wondering what is actually being altered by these tables. are they adjusting the injector Pulse Width ?
What is the Scalar table actually for and what does that adjust ?

Does anyone actually have a BOSCH injector data specs sheet for the 0280 155 777 Injectors That I could get a copy of by any chance?

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