$12P Custom Tunes

Holden/Delco Tuning. ALDL, OBD 1.5. Circa 1989 to 2004.
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Re: $12P Custom Tunes

Postby Wade » Fri Jan 06, 2017 11:43 pm

thought id post this one up too. not really a custom tune, just copied the vs hsv 185kw bin onto 12p with very mild changes here and there and stacked it for a 512 eprom as its going into an 808 ecu
Aaron Sparrow.BIN
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Re: $12P Custom Tunes

Postby Wade » Wed Feb 21, 2018 8:06 pm

vq caprice base tune. car runs strong
304 map vt roller twin ex-corvette servo-std diff.BIN
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Re: $12P Custom Tunes

Postby K1ng0011 » Tue Aug 28, 2018 12:21 pm

Basic rebuilt chevy 350 engine, stock lower end, small hydraulic flat tappet cam, poor flowing cylinder heads from the 70s, long tube headers, manual trans, Spartan Lambda Controller 2 wideband o2/controller. This bin is not the stacked .bin for the nvram. This is the one for burning chips. Its been running good with no issues for me.

350TPI Manual Trans 12p v112.BIN
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Re: $12P Custom Tunes

Postby DixiePicker » Tue Jan 21, 2020 4:39 am

File Name:
Feb 8 2020-Z 454 .BIN
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Code Version: $12P V1.12
Engine-Gearbox Type: 454 cu in / 7.4L Mark 4 Big Block - 4L80-E 5.7L Converter GM 16196390 TCM
Mods / Injectors / Description:
1227165 ECM / TunerPro with Moates APU1 and external ALDL for data...
54mm 2x bore T Body - GM/Arizona Speed and Marine Oval Port intake - 39 lb/hr Delco injectors
AC Delco US Coolant Sensor - EP381 Fuel Pump - Small Diameter US HEI Distributor - external coil
Milled Iron Oval Port heads, back cut intake valves, cleaned up bowls in/ex
Camshaft – Flat tappet. In .527” lift ex .552” lift. Dur 302/304
Flat top pistons. Block decked, cast crank, 2 bolt main CR 10.5
Speed Signals=DRAC Module - Speedometer, TCM OSS, ECM VSS, Electronic Speedo, Crz Cntrl, Spd Cntrl Vol Radio
Functioning Delco External ECS Knock system / OEM SS Cast manifolds 2.5” dual Ex
Denso heated O2, Innovate WB. ECM-TCM shared signals. Grds common ECM-TCM-WB
Runs rich at part & WOT. Base timing @ 10 *btdc. In Process. Bin has mods for serial data. Delete CTS Volts, ALDL CTS Volts Byte used for Manifold Fuel RAM Address
Modified ADX has additional Mode 4 commands. Added Dashboards. "Listen for Silence" reduced from 50ms to 5ms Work in progress ((ADX has CTS Voltage delete, Manifold Fuel in place of CTS V.))
Dec 30-Z 2019 Petrol calcVE Man Fuel .adx
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Updated Bin Feb 8, 2020


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