Sluggish vp t5 v6

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Re: Sluggish vp t5 v6

Postby vlad01 » Tue Jul 31, 2018 5:04 pm

I have had good experience with extreme clutch's extra HD v8 one in my VR v6. It's organic and good for daily operation and because it was meant for V8 with 450HP range it is adequate for v6 with harsh use/conditions.

Only down side is it's pedal feel is weird, doesn't have that nice pop at the end of the travel and rather gets heavier the further you push the pedal.

If I was to do it again I would of gone to NPC race clutches and got them to spec me a good organic based clutch in the same sort of HP range.

Imho with all this clutch rate specs, it's bs, double or triple the rating of what your engine actually makes and it will be reliable daily and not just for a couple of outings, because street/city driving is far more abusing on the clutch than actually racing the car and is especially true in Sydney or Melbourne where the average traffic speed is less than the car will idle in 1st.

I highly recommenced NPC and tell them what you do with the ute and the driving conditions, they will match a clutch to suit.
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Re: Sluggish vp t5 v6

Postby v6bucket » Wed Aug 01, 2018 7:32 am

Talk to these blokes, I think they'll get you what you need & probably be better priced than a cheap clutch in a pretty box from the larger chain stores.
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Re: Sluggish vp t5 v6

Postby gtrboyy » Tue Apr 30, 2019 9:07 pm

Ok bit of an update after ute sat in driveway for months it became a breeding ground for redbacks haha

Can't rember if mentioned but bought vs v8 auto setup,radiator all way through to tailshaft $1100 last year from Pick & Payless

Finally got auto back shiftkit.corvette sevo,boost valve etc then deemed in good health by auto dude so picked it & next day 8am started v8 conversion on footpath..tried to do early crossmember,vk manual rack but no intermediate shaft & lost a day mucking around so ripped apart put late model crossmember with old vp rack.

Started getting dark just as got engine in...sketchy as way having engine/auto on engine hoist high up in air then rolled car into place lowering engine...landscapers still not finished backyard so laid square patch of pavers for hoist to stay on.

Got ute about 80% done...1/2 way through matching/modding vp v6 harness to vs v8 harness ...lots of small silly differences that is taking up time to get right.

Trying to keep it under 2k budget so using all the junk collected over the years sitting in sheds lol

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Re: Sluggish vp t5 v6

Postby gtrboyy » Sat Aug 03, 2019 8:44 pm

Finally got the ute started tonight...wiring side of it matching vs v8 to vp was way more work & motivation than expected...still got a lot more work to get it decent

It's punching up a bunch of codes 66,81,82 but hoping it just needs wire for trans solenoid wired up to ignition source.

Also got vl manual rack + vl intermediate shaft...tried to use early crossmember & but would need longer/custom intermediate shaft as vh/k manual rack has shorter steering shaft to vl manual rack

No aircon or powersteer or anything it doesn't need to make it lighter yet still roadworthy...


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