whipple 304 tune

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Re: whipple 304 tune

Postby Gampy » Thu Apr 08, 2021 5:59 am

It should ... Just takes money, seems to be no shortage there!

Damn that's a nice clean shop ...
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Re: whipple 304 tune

Postby VTXU8 » Mon Apr 12, 2021 9:24 pm

Dazza92VP wrote:haha yea it already got to the point the missus was starting to get pretty pissed off. this charger is a "bolt on kit" only thing that bolted on was the manifold and charger everything else was custom made to suit and he also changed from 4l60e to th400, lots of 1-2am finishes straight after work. now i have the wonder full job of tuning it as no one here either touches delco ecus or the ones that do dont want to touch an engine they didnt build and i havent done complete remap tunes only small tweaks to fueling and spark not starting from scratch but have to learn some how i suppose. were not going for outright power at this point he just wants to have it cruise with the charger whine and peel tyres

Contact Joe from ACE PERFORMANCE TUNING he has a lot of experience with Delco's and can do a good mail tune for you. He is on facebook and has his own website aceperformancetuning.com.au. He did a great road tune for me (i'm fortunate to live close to him) on my Whipple charged VT 5L. Will be taking it back to him for another tune soon as i have upgraded to a larger intake and MAF. Not sure where you live but he is located in Penrith NSW. Give him a go if you still need any help. He can post you a tune.


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