Vt S1 V8 Calais body wiring.

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Vt S1 V8 Calais body wiring.

Postby Thmpar » Sun Feb 14, 2021 8:33 pm

Hey everyone.
Have converted my vt s1 5l Calais to s2 gen3 manual,
Everything is up and running and works,
Except the ecm com wire is isn’t in the obd plug, being a s1
They didn’t have the yellow wire.
Behind the strut tower in the engine wiring plugs the terminal I need
Has a white/blue wire in it, which I don’t need but at wanting to trace back into
The car to tap into for ecm com through obd plug.
I have searched high and low, has anyone got an accurate body wiring diagram
From the engine loom plugs back into the car under the dash.

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