Ford VSS on a VR commodore ECU

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Ford VSS on a VR commodore ECU

Postby Mikestech0 » Tue Apr 13, 2021 1:44 pm

So my project consists of a VR injected 304 and Ford 6cyl T5
Been wanting to get the ECU to show road speed
I thought of the hall effect VSS from the VR commodore T5, only to find out they are different from the Ford unit so it wont fit the Ford T5.
I bit the bullet and brought a second hand Ford T5 VSS.
Did a bench test using a spare VR ECU and Ford VSS
Run up the VSS on my battery drill and had a speed input on the ECU, max drill speed was showing 125kmh :typist:
Plumbed in the VSS to my main ECU and went for a drive. The ECU road speed is 4-5ks higher than GPS speed
Hiw cool is that :punk:

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