GM Chevrolet Silverado/Sierra 1500 4.8L ECU .BIN (GMT800)

American Delco GM ECUs and PCMs, ALDL, OBD 1.5.
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GM Chevrolet Silverado/Sierra 1500 4.8L ECU .BIN (GMT800)

Postby raksau » Sun Feb 11, 2018 10:30 am

Hi guys,
I recently purchased a spare 12200411 ECU/ECM for bench testing from America.
The seller claimed it was from a 01-03 LS1 CORVETTE however it is actually from a 2001 Chevrolet Silverado/Sierra 1500.
The ECU seems to be identical to my mates LS1 ECU so i assume GM used the same part/model ECU over a wide range of models and just used a different flash tune.
Anyways i dumped the .bin from the 28F400B5-B (512Kb) and have attached it to this post.
It has been byte swapped to work with EFILive/TunerPro etc as i dumped it via my Willem.

I have also attached the XDF that i have been using to analyse it via TunerPro.

OS: 12202088
Engine: 4.8L (LR4)
Year: 2001
Transmission: Automatic (4L60E)
XDF for Operating System 12202088 - 2001 512Kb PCM - Version 5.xdf
(617.5 KiB) Downloaded 53 times
(512 KiB) Downloaded 50 times

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