Hi! I need to tune my 2015 Chevy Cruze Turbo

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Hi! I need to tune my 2015 Chevy Cruze Turbo

Postby RoninDusette » Thu Oct 25, 2018 8:18 am

Hello, all!

My name is Ronin Dusette. I used to tune Hondas and DSMs YEARS ago, and obviously, shi+ has changed. Lol. I have been researching for weeks learning about all of this new stuff in cars (specifically CAN and all of the new computer BS in GM vehicles).

Short background: I am a programmer by trade, so this stuff does not scare me, but I just cannot seem to find definitive info on what I want to do...

1) Read the ECM/PCM/BCM, calibrations, etc etc etc. Get them on my laptop (been looking at using Tunerpro, so I want the .bin, .xdf, etc from my car)

2) modify calibrations or even the OS, research, tinker, etc

3) re-flash to car

4) enjoy (or cry and start over. haha)

I already have a subscription to tis2web, and I have it working. I currently am running a "mail order tune" from Trifecta, but obviously it's locked down and I cannot see what it does, which node it installs to, and all that.

I just need some help. How in the heck do I start tuning this thing? It's just changed SO much, and I refuse to pay 1200+ bucks or whatever for some proprietary solution that charges me per-tune.

Like, what type of cable/interface do I need to get my OS or even my calibration downloaded to my computer so that I may examine it? Any tips on tuning? Right now all I have is an OBDlink (the cheap one) and the trifecta cable, which from what I gather is an FTDI USB-to-RS232 cable with custom firmware on it's board.

Please oh please, help me out. Lol. I know I sound like I am crying, but I seriously have been researching for weeks, most of the info that I see is related to older cars and v6/v8 motors, and I cannot find a soul who works in the industry to give me any tips on this stuff.

Thanks for any and all help given,


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