n00b NVRAM tuning a Rover V8

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Re: n00b NVRAM tuning a Rover V8

Post by brindo »

Looks good. There are remote mount IAC blocks but it’s a bit late now. What you have will work fine.

Theres a late 90s Land Rover not far from here with the same motor, possibly the 4.6 litre??? It’s been sitting for well over a decade now. As far as I know doesn’t even have 50K on it but would be too far gone now.
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Re: n00b NVRAM tuning a Rover V8

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That IAC block is good. I have similar on my Gemini. Using the GM item is much better than trying to tune for another make or model system. I have tried that before, there are simply too many tables with numbers of steps and it's not clear how to approach the problem. Just keep the stock IAC hardware the calibration is setup for and things should be pretty usable from the get go.
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Re: n00b NVRAM tuning a Rover V8

Post by spoon »

I got the iac all hooked up before finding out the valve has seized up- obviously from sitting around too long… I put in an order for a cheap replacement so waiting for that before I continue. The vacuum leak from it being seized open did seem to help with my cold start issue though! 😂 just no return to a normal idle.

Thanks for keeping up with my progress though!
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