GM Can to ALDL

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Re: GM Can to ALDL

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all e38's supported dod, but id leave the plug off & never use it.

i dont know why anyone would want that shit anyway.

I know for certain that in a ve commodore up until 2009, so 07,08,09 gearboxes are inter-changeable. the only proviso being you need to do a full flash of a 9cva box back to an 08 or earlier os to have ecu/tcm communication. Now until i get back to my workshop on thursday and test my theory i believe the 09 tcm tune will talk with some changes to the CAN data it's setup to monitor, & if that works...

I will put an early ecu (07 ve OS) into my other vy ute which runs a 2010 ecu/tcm combo & see if i can get them happy. Generally you get a U100 DTC code (TCM lost communication) when the cals are mismatched, if that works then it's gonna be interesting. pre 09 tunes dont do throttle blips on downshifts.

Interesting, id have though they would run the reverse lights through the NSBU on the side of the box like they have since they installed the 4l60e's in the vt.

in my case i'lll pull the engine harness and put all new wiring & plugs in place. at the moment it's all dodgy ran through the passenger door while it's on the hoist.
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