PCM Hammer and Drewtech Mongoose 3

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PCM Hammer and Drewtech Mongoose 3

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First post so go easy on me :)

I have been using PCM Hammer for quite awhile, with a VXdiag flawlessly for the last3-4 years. I do quite a bit of gen 3 base tunes for swaps and harnesses. i ordered a new VX diag to have a spare from Amazon twice and both would not work where my old one would( another topic)

SO i decided to try the Mongoose 3. loaded the drivers, it shows up in PCM hammer as an option. BUT it cannot load the driver. I am wondering if there is a conflict between the VXdiag DLL and the Drewtec DLL

Was wondering if anyone else has had this issue.

I appreciate the help.

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Re: PCM Hammer and Drewtech Mongoose 3

Post by Gampy »

The new version of the VXDiag Nano has had changes that break it with PCMHammer, what it is, is yet to be determined.

I refuse to deal with their nightmarish GOD like licensing scheme and refuse to support them by purchasing one to do diagnostics on it, in fact I personally would like to see it go totally unsupported by all applications and driven into the ground putting them scumbags out of business!

And yes, it's drivers and it's VX Manager are known to cause issues with other J2534 VCI drivers ...

To be sure, you'll need to sanitize your system of the VCXDiag Nano and fresh install the Drewtec Mongoose 3 to see if it'll then work ... PCMHammer is pretty much J2534 compliant, therefor if the Drewtec Mongoose 3 is J2534 Compliant it should then work, as it stands I do not know if it does or not.

If it does not, please post results here and maybe I (or someone else) would be willing to work with you to see if we can get it working ... We (I) would like to see all VCI's working with PCMHammer, the more the merrier!

Please let us know it's status either way!

Thank you!

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Re: PCM Hammer and Drewtech Mongoose 3

Post by 289 »

mongoose plus gm3 works great with pcm hammer read about 4 minutes write about same on a p59 hopes this helps
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