VY Bench Harness Battery Amps

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VY Bench Harness Battery Amps

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I have purchased a Bench Harness that I will use to tune my VY, I was just wondering what amps is recommended for the power supply?

I have found many 12v options however there is 1.3Ah, 4.5Ah and 7Ah. What one would be ideal?

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Re: VY Bench Harness Battery Amps

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v6 or v8? Not that there is much difference in the answerr.

In general you want closer to 13v, and a genuine 2 amps or so (it'll only use .8 but you want headroom). And not a cheap wall style plug pack which more often than not is very electrically noisy and often causes erase failures.

You're best off searching for lab power supply or bench power supply, making sure its at least 2 amps capable, and with a selectable voltage so you can dial up about 13.8v. That should be rock solid.
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