...VX drivers passenger door wont open

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...VX drivers passenger door wont open

Postby psyolent » Sun Jun 10, 2018 1:05 pm

So heres an interesting one.
The missus VX drivers side passenger door won't open. At all.

The internal snipper button does not move up nor down.
The external handle has some resistance but, not the usual you would expect to actuate the open mechanism.
The internal handle still moves and you can hear the rod moving inside the door. There is a 'notchiness' when you first move the lever however (to open it)

I've had to fix a rear door on a VH wagon before. That was easy as the skin mostly came off with the rear seat removed. The VX on the other hand, the door skin won't make it out alive. Any thoughts/suggestions please?
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Re: ...VX drivers passenger door wont open

Postby 80gus » Sun Jun 10, 2018 1:16 pm

I'm not sure how the commodores are layed out, but i did this once on a land-cruiser by opening the B pillar cover I could get access to the striker latch bolts from the back, i cut a slot in them and wound them out from inside the pillar, zero damage except the bolts.

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Re: ...VX drivers passenger door wont open

Postby madmaxisback » Sun Jun 10, 2018 2:00 pm

Hi mate. The snib is linked to a weak piece of plastic on the lock or handle itself (inside trim). They fail and the inside handle won't operate if this happens.

Follow some of this video and see if you can get the snib off and hook the mechanism to open the door near the outside handle from inside snib hole and from top. Your trying to catch the actual locking mechanism release with a hook of some sort.

Replace the outside handle with a working one (colour coded - eBay maybe) and it will be fixed. Sometimes the snib itself can get stripped on the shaft too. I normally change this same time.

Tip: don't close door until the handle is removed or replaced or you will need to jag the mechanism again! :thumbdown:

Door trims off:

VZ type but similar:

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