Base Injector Rate larger, causes RICH condition?

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Re: Base Injector Rate larger, causes RICH condition?

Postby JohnDee68 » Sat Oct 09, 2021 3:32 pm

Charlescrown wrote:So now at 110 your using almost half the volume of fuel from a tweak of the tune.
Too much fuel is a very different thing to a poor spray pattern. If you see a low O2 output and a high HC reading on a gas analyser that confirms the fuel is not burning.

Yes, I think I understand the poor spray pattern difference to too much fuel. I see it as a poor pattern can be like a blocked jet, a spitting rather than what should be a spray output, that sort of thing?
Yes, I am using less fuel per millisecond basically? Which is why I questioned about the injectors Base Rate not being correct for my original injectors in the Enhanced bin file. Resulting in a poor performance and excess fuel consumption in my car for a long time. I am curious (not blaming anyone) what the flow rate tests will come back as on my currently fitted injectors. I suspect 1 or 2 on the left hand side will be of higher flow volume to the range of about 60-70cc/min.

I am personally unable to (immune to it) smell small amounts of petrol, but at times prior to this last tune changes I could smell what I and others think is excess fuel in the exhaust. So I will be happy if the changes I have worked out for the tune has worked for that also. I am learning and it is always an interesting trial and error when going over new grounds. I appreciate and I do take on board all that everyone does help and offer as advice to me.


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