Can this be used in my vp ss?

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Can this be used in my vp ss?

Postby chipb » Wed Jul 21, 2021 8:48 pm

Hi all I was given a 16211838 ecu with a memcal that has a knock board on it along with a chip that has been butchered off it. The chip reads BWC9976

I already have a 808 and NVRAM with all the kit that I still have not used yet due to my ss still not ready to go.

Can I use the memcal along with the NVRAM to utilize the knock board, or can I take the knock board off and use it on my current memcal?

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Re: Can this be used in my vp ss?

Postby antus » Thu Jul 22, 2021 12:11 am

Yes, the 1F knock board is the correct knock filter to use for a v8. viewtopic.php?f=11&t=214&start=20#p13685
Have you read the FAQ? For lots of information and links to significant threads see here: viewtopic.php?f=7&t=1396

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