Data logging nextion dash

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Data logging nextion dash

Postby jacomms » Wed Dec 06, 2017 4:11 pm

So I finally started getting bits together for my trusty old 1 Tonner and thought ......I don't think I like the cluster (if we can call it a cluster at all).

Started looking around and stumbled across VL400 ALDL data logger (which I had seen pic's of some time ago) and got thinking ....I been playing with Nextion displays for non-car projects.
I flicked VL400 a quick email and bounced it off him and thought lets bounce it off the group.

My thought (feel free to give me an upper cut if needed ;-) )

Take the ALDL 8192 data from the PCM to a modded/remodelled VL400 data logger without the screen, add extra I/O's the pass serial data to the displays (from 1 - 3 displays as needed)
The Nextion displays do all the heavy lifting and the arduino only needs to pass the required data as such.

Here are a few quick links to look at :

Nextion displays

Someone's techo design example

Another gauge design ... Gauges.jpg

Data Logging Dash.png
overview of my thoughts
Data Logging Dash.png (16.04 KiB) Viewed 243 times

Open to any thoughts .....Yes or No??


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