OSEPlugin for Tunerpro 5 v1.80

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Re: OSEPlugin for Tunerpro 5 v1.80

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hi all, have a vy 1 tonner and found your site because I'm hoping to pull some datalogs.
The car has an annoying vibration under slight acceleration on the fwy which i havent managed to track down. After replacing coils , leads and swapping out gearbox, tcc, tailshaft and wheels its still kicking my butt, so either i'm unlucky and have swapped in the same fault or something else is going on. I spotted in my envyous customs log knock, on various single cylinders and sometimes multiple which explains why it loses power when the vibration starts because timing is pulled. The envyous logs arent that useful so the plan is TunerPro will be a bit more useful (like tunerstudio to us MS'ers) and allow me to search out knock in other gears /speed which isnt obvious driving and then I can fiddle with timing or fuelling.
I 've installed OSE ehnanced flashtool and read my factory BIN and saved on a spare ECU, i've then also saved the1's VY_V6_$060A_Enhanced_v0.9a.bin to my spare ECU, which was $060B but all worked and now driving with the $060A bin. Not sure if this is proof enough the envyous cable is up to the task as i know from megasquirt experience the USB to serial adapters can be a bit fussy. Thought i'd ask here if there is something obvious I have overlooked in the setup as I'm yet to get TunerproRT ver 5.00 to connect to the car using OSEPlugin v1.80.
In tuner Pro RT my bin/XDF and ADX are all set to Enhanced_v0.9a and under preferences i've set Data Acquisition and Emulation to OSE Plugin V1.80. This is configured to com3, 8192 , VY and i've tried echo and no echo.
anything else i need to install or adjust for TunerPro comms before i grab a cable from the guys on here ?
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Re: OSEPlugin for Tunerpro 5 v1.80

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I doubt the envious customs cable is at fault mate. I’ve used multiple of his cables and even modified my old one which I now use on my Nissans. I just recently brought a new one from him and works fine on my vy. However if you are having issues with it msg him. He’s easy to deal with. He’s also a member on here, tazzi I think. Your pcm might be in an unknown state or something like that if you’ve changed things. Maybe get someone with a tech2 to re link everything and use the correct xdf files so you don’t corrupt stuff.
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Re: OSEPlugin for Tunerpro 5 v1.80

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On VT-VZ ALDL commodores oseplugin struggles to silence the bus and operate normally. It is supposed to work and can work, but its not uncommon on some cars that it wont. It was written for the FTDI USB chip, and I believe the Envyous ones are CH type. Thats not fundamentally a problem, but it can be and here you are. There is a hardware fix, you can disconnect the BCM or put a switch on the serial (aldl) data line from the BCM and diconnect it when you log and configure it for no car. That will silence the data bus in the car in hardware so the software function is not needed.
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