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Haltech F9A

Postby brindo » Wed Oct 24, 2018 12:42 pm

Any Haltech experts out there?

Got a call to see if I could help a bloke out in town. He has just acquired an old Falcon ute, with an EFI 5.0 Windsor running on an F9A Haltech. Details are very unknown, but no O2 sensors are fitted. The ute was dynotuned many years ago, but the engine has since been rebuilt with a 347 stroker crank and no tuning changes made. Wasn't really run after that (fried distributor) and it has been sitting for many years.

I have downloaded the F9 softwares and seemed to have some success connecting up with F9v35. But when I look at the file, the maps seem to be all over the show. Have advanced the ignition timing just on the distributor and the engine starts and runs now, but hunts at idle.

Is anyone else able to look at the file and see if it looks OK? I can't seem to attach the file here so can maybe email or PM it.

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